St.Thomas Virgin Islands - Online Travel Guide

National Geographic magazine ranked Magan's Bay as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. A heart shaped island with a mile strip of white sand, it borders calm waters with virtually no currents or waves, making this an ideal spot for an easy-going day in the sun.

The area has a rich history, with local legend claiming that Sir Francis Drake used the hills to scout out ships for plundering. Magan's Bay was also once a popular shipping point for sugar, rum, and molasses. In 1943, the area was gifted to St. Thomas for use as a public park.

The beach features amenities such as lifeguards, rental services, changing rooms, and bathrooms. Four sheds are frequently rented out for parties, and the beach quickly fills with noise during weekends and holidays. Visit on weekdays for a tranquil afternoon of sunning and relaxing. While the calm water makes for easy swimming, snorkeling is limited here due to the flat, sandy bottom. Explore the nearby rock ledges to best observe marine life.

For a more secluded area and beautiful scenery, park at Magen's Bay and walk or swim the short distance to Little Magan's Bay. Little Magan's Bay is the most popular gay beach on St. Thomas and also holds a reputation as a nude beach, although nudity is not technically permitted in the Virgin Islands. However, officials and locals unofficially tolerate it, and many beach-goers come here to remove their tan lines.

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