St.Thomas Virgin Islands - Online Travel Guide

East of downtown Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and only a short distance from Red Hook lays Havensight, the primary cruise ship dock in the area. The spot is best known for shopping, with over 100 stores accommodating the flow of tourists from visiting boats. Many come for the wide variety of unique souvenirs- St. Thomas features some of the best jewelry shopping in the world, and Havensight is no exception. The density and variety of stores provide options for the most discerning of shoppers. Purchase exquisite pieces from small, family-owned businesses or larger chains spread across the island. Beautifully wrought silver and gold, cut gemstones, and fine watches are just a few of the treasures tucked into every corner.

Perhaps the most popular spot is the vast Havensight Mall, boasting over 60 outdoor stores. Choose from a wide variety of duty-free items such as leather, jewelry, perfume, spirits (including the popular Cruzan Rum), watches, cameras, island crafts, and many more. Long buildings house the majority of the shops, and discover many more tucked into the connecting alleys and passages. There are also a number of shops offering services, including banks, doctors, film developing, and rental cars.

For those with little interest in shopping the malls, stop and enjoy a bite at one of the several small cafes and bars, or ride the tram into Charlotte Amalie for its rich architecture and history. A variety of day trips to spots across the island are also available. Find the perfect gift, or simply enjoy the busy scenery and people. For a tropical shopping paradise, be sure to visit the Havensight area!

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