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The second largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas reflects a developed and cosmopolitan atmosphere much different from quaint St. Croix or peaceful St. John. With bustling areas such as the capital city Charlotte Amalie, and shopping meccas like Havensight and laidback Red Hook to the east, visitors find plenty to see and do on this lovely island. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and natural attractions by day, but by night head out to enjoy the bars, restaurants, hotel entertainment and other nightlife. For couples that want the beauty of the Caribbean with plenty of destination wedding venues, ongoing activity, and lots of nearby amenities, St. Thomas offers the perfect location!

Of course in the Caribbean, the beautiful beaches come first and foremost. Plenty of pristine shores surround the coast, many with convenient access to hotels and facilities such as snack bars and restrooms. A few areas even remain relatively hidden and untouched, for those who want a peaceful wedding setting combined with an adventurous honeymoon. Choose your favorite from well-known beaches such as Magan's Bay Beach (considered one of the most beautiful in the world) or quieter, lesser-known areas such as Smith Bay. For a truly off-the-beaten-path experience, gather your wedding party and head to Water Island just off the southern coast of St. Thomas, a largely undeveloped site free from large hotels, bustling roads, noise, and other tourists. The appropriately named Honeymoon Beach makes the perfect spot for a quiet ceremony, after which couples can return to St. Thomas and enjoy the many attractions for their honeymoon! Home to sugar-white sand, crystal blue waters, and excellent snorkeling, these beaches offer a classic Caribbean environment for the perfect destination wedding.

A variety of resorts and hotels in St. Thomas ensure that you remain well taken care of during your trip, many of which offer wedding and honeymoon packages. From the ultra-luxurious Ritz-Carlton to the laidback and fun Bolongo Bay Resort, a perfect match awaits every couple's personality. Many choose to utilize the services offered by the hotel, including the help of a wedding coordinator (this comes in handy when navigating paperwork, ceremony details, and when dealing with sites both on and off the resort!) If you choose not to go with a hotel coordinator, several independent companies offer great services across the island. Take advantage of their knowledge - they know the island and the rules, and can ensure smooth sailing on the most important day of your life.

For non-beach ceremony sites, many couples choose one of the local churches or the St. Thomas Synagogue for a religious ceremony - start planning a religious ceremony further in advance, as they often require extra paperwork and fees. Historical great houses, botanical gardens, and Coral World Ocean Park (where wedding parties have full run of the awesome facilities!) include just a few alternative options for ceremonies and receptions.

When the ceremony wraps up and only the honeymoon stretches out before you, prepare yourselves to take in the many sites of St. Thomas. Head to Charlotte Amalie, with its pretty historic houses and deep-water cruise ship port, or Frenchtown, a fishing village with a distinct French atmosphere as well as great restaurants and bars. Take a scuba diving trip off one of the many shores, rent a boat for a romantic evening sail or simply snorkel with equipment from your hotel. Hotels such as the Wyndham, Mariott, and Ritz-Carlton (just to name a few) often host their own entertainment and contain bars and restaurants accessible to the public, no matter where you choose to stay. The endless possibilities of St. Thomas, from quiet sun-filled days to action-packed nights, create the perfect environment for couples desiring Caribbean beauty with plenty of history and entertainment!

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