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St. Thomas boasts the title as not only the most visited cruise ship port in the United States Virgin Islands, but the most frequently traveled to in all of the Caribbean Sea. In downtown Charlotte Amalie and near the cruise ship dock visitors from all over the world frequent fine restaurants and fancy shops that rival those of Paris, but a few miles away they can leave that hustle and bustle behind and find the tropical relaxation of palm trees and white sand beaches.

Charlotte Amalie serves as the center of activity on almost every front. The largest city on the island of St. Thomas, and capital of the United States Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie houses most of the islands businesses and permanent population. Of course, the total number of people on the island grows well beyond the 50,000 full time residents during the busy season with hotel rooms filled and multiple cruise ships at the dock.

All around St. Thomas tourists find the wonderful beaches that likely enticed them in the first place. Megan's Bay Beach always gets a mention as a spot those who travel to St. Thomas must visit. Those who want to wear less may opt for Little Megan's Bay Beach nearby. With many beaches to choose from, each with its' own personality and ambiance everyone can find a beach to their liking on St. Thomas, even if they would rather be under the water snorkeling rather than near the water sun bathing.

Licensed SCUBA divers who want to spend even more of their vacation under the water will find the clear Caribbean Sea, tropical fish and beautiful coral make St. Thomas a great destination for diving. Over 30 dive sites surround St. Thomas offer everything from wrecks to reefs to underwater tunnels. Many certified dive shops can take divers to the best areas, but also provide training to those who might never tired SCUBA diving before but want to learn.

While technically the fourth United States Virgin Islands, Water Island ends up associated with St. Thomas most of the time as it lies just off the St. Thomas shore. With an area of under 500 acres and a population of 200, Water Island provides a stark contrast to Charlotte Amalie. Water Island offers a few places to stay, including some luxury villas, but none of the restaurants or shopping of St. Thomas. For those who want things a bit quieter either for a day trip or to travel there for an entire vacation, Water Island offers an additional option a short ferry ride from St. Thomas.

With the most flights from the US and most cruise ship dockings St. Thomas emerges as the easiest of the United States Virgin Islands to get to for a vacation and, as with all of the USVI, citizens do not need a passport to travel from the US mainland. Once you learn all that St. Thomas has to offer, you will surely want to visit this tropical paradise!

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